How Many Beds Did King Louis XIV Own?

King Louis XIV of France owned an estimated 413 beds in his various palaces.

A ribald painting called "The Triumph of Venus" originally adorned the king's favorite bed at Versailles, but his second wife, a woman of a more religious bent, had it replaced with "The Sacrifice of Abraham."

A dentifrice currently made in France tints the gums pink to make the teeth look whiter by comparison.

In 1973, a 54-year-old man in Hanover, West Germany, began hiccoughing.

Two years and some 36 million hiccoughs later, the distraught German decided to end the hiccoughing bout once and for all, and leapt to his death from a hospital window.

The squirting lapel flower is an old practical joke, but there are many specimens of the plant kingdom that do indeed squirt liquid.

Among these is the aptly named squirting cucumber.

When the fruit of this Mediterranean plant is ripe, the inner tissue forms a liquid in which the seeds float.

The "cucumber" swells with liquid to the bursting point, then explodes and propels the juice and seed mixture through a small hole punched in the end of the fruit.

The explosion is powerful enough to propel the seeds as far as 40 feet from the plant!

Hail rarely falls in the winter.

Surprisingly, the ice balls will not fall when the ground temperature is below freezing.

And hail almost never forms unless a thunderstorm is occurring.

Since the conditions which produce thunderstorms rarely occur in winter, hail is generally a summer phenomenon.

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